Ports and Logistics

  • Guimbal
  • Miag-ao
  • Dumangas
  • Anilao
  • Banate
  • Ajuy
  • Conception
  • Estancia
  • Carles

There are three (3) major ports in Iloilo City: Iloilo International Port for international cargo; Iloilo Domestic Port, and Iloilo River Wharf which serves the for Roll-On-Roll-Off services and for Fastcraft and Ferryboat to Bacolod City and other cities in the Visayas region. 

There are two wharves, boat and ferry terminals within the city proper for Guimaras Island. The boat terminal in Ortiz Street serves as jump-off point to the Municipality of Jordan – the capital of the island province. On the other hand, the ferry boat terminal located in Parola also serves passengers traveling to the town of Buenavista.  

Accelerated growth in the past five years has led Iloilo to witness a growth in commercial establishments, financial institutions and businesses. The main thrust moving forward for the city is centered on balancing rapid urbanization with ecological concerns, and peace and safety to promote higher socio-economic productivity and economic progress.

Investment Opportunities

  • Establishment and operation of physical infrastructures vital to the country’s economic development and prosperity, such as; air, land, and water transport, seaports, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) storage facility, regasification facilities, pipeline projects for oil and gas, bulk water treatment and supply, training facilities, testing laboratories, and domestic industrial zones.
  • Water transport: domestic/inter-island shipping (i.e., pure cargo, passenger, and passenger-cargo vessel operations), including RORO/ROPax/Ferry Terminal System operations and overseas shipping.
  • High-speed craft, RORO vessels serving primary routes and passenger/cargo vessels

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