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By: InvestInIloilo | Date: August 20, 2020

The Invest in Iloilo is a portal developed by the Iloilo Economic Development Foundation, Inc. (ILEDF) in collaboration with the Iloilo Provincial Government and the Iloilo City Government.

The impacts of the COVID 19 outbreak have been felt across Iloilo businesses and communities. By working together and following the advice of public health experts, together we made steady progress in the fight against this deadly virus. Since mid-April 2020 , s early signs that enhanced public health measures — including staying home, physical distancing and hand washing — are working to stop the spread of the virus and flatten the curve of the outbreak. By following these simple steps, everyone across the province is making a positive difference.

While the situation is still evolving, Iloilo continues to work with its partners to keep people healthy and provide support for businesses struggling as a result of the necessary measures taken in response to COVID 19.

The launching of the Invest in Iloilo website is a contribution to the ongoing fight to defeat COVID 19 as well as a provide a resource that will assist businesses in reopening businesses and services. And it highlights Iloilo private sector commitment to continue providing guidance and advice as business prepare to reopen.

Thanks to the hard work of frontline heroes, and the ongoing commitment of the people of this province, ILEDF is confident that together we will continue to make progress in our fight to contain and defeat this deadly virus. This website will provide a roadmap for businesses, so they know what to look for as the province and city moves forward. Together, Iloilo will emerge from this crisis — with a clear path to economic recovery that keeps people safe and healthy.

Its sound economic systems, low tax rate and strong geographical and sectoral clusters provide the foundation for innovation, recovery, growth and success.

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