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The Invest in Iloilo Web Portal

By: InvestInIloilo | Date: January 31, 2021

The Invest in Iloilo is a resource portal about Iloilo’s investment and business environment.

The website will share relevant economic data that are vital for analysis and decision-making; show investment roadmaps to inform investors and industry leaders of the prevailing market condition; and to help investors and financiers identify opportunities.

The Province and City of Iloilo boosts business-friendliness and it possess a diverse entrepreneurial and well-educated workforce. It has a sound economic systems, low tax rate, and a strong geographical and sectoral clusters which provides the foundation for innovation, recovery, growth, and success.  

Iloilo has an access to large and growing markets and it is a great location to venture into an enterprise, pursue investments, or grow and expand business.

Iloilo was not insulated from the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic that hit the global economy in 2020 and which has extended to 2021 with a new strain. The health crisis delivered shocks on the local industry considering the lockdown and government’s tightened enforcement of health and safety protocols. The unprecedented disruption that the pandemic has inflicted on the economy has slowed down the momentum of Iloilo’s economic activities.

The business sector, however, displayed strong unity and it ensured that public welfare is upheld. It implemented health policies in accordance with national government agencies, local government units and from recommendations of health experts. In addition, its business and government leaders remained focus on its priorities for economic development. It preserved pre-pandemic economic gains by translating the crisis situation as a trajectory for convergence of efforts and by building social capital to strengthen social structures.

This is manifested by the assistance of private sector to government through joint efforts that aim to prevent the spread of the virus and to bring down the number of Coronavirus infection. It also launched complementary support for businesses who struggled as a result of the lockdown.

These steps created a positive difference across the Province and City of Iloilo and it showed how a strong public private relationship can help keep economic progress on track.

Invest in Iloilo will be further enriched by information shaped by external and internal episodes that affects the economy to guide businesses and investors navigate through Iloilo’s evolving economic landscape.

The Coronavirus pandemic continues, but the commitment of the Ilonggos to preserve lives and the tireless work of frontline heroes across different industries likewise endures. Iloilo’s economy will emerge stronger and more progressive as we enter a new decade together. 

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